About Us

The Journeys team is small but perfectly formed. Our wide range of skills, forged in the competitive world of travel publishing over many years, has led to Journeys' growing reputation in the marketplace; one that has already led to a nomination for "Consumer Travel Magazine of the Year" by the British Travel Press Awards. We are quite clear about our mission: to cover authentic, life-enriching, immersive travel experiences, undeniably the growth sector in the travel industry today for every budget. A wealth of insider knowledge reveals some amazingly innovative tour operators both in the UK and worldwide, offering increasingly fascinating and unusual itineraries, not just to the far-flung corners of the world but closer to home as well. Journeys' role is to unearth such trips; we are guided by worth, not price. We hope that you find the features in our magazine and on our website to be the catalyst to inspire your next trip. Let us know your thoughts – tweet us (we're @JourneysMagUK), join our Facebook page or just send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Meet the Journeys Team…


John Lewisohn, founder and publisher

John's parents took the inspired step to take him out of school for a term aged 10 to visit his big sister in Australia. Academically it could be argued he never caught that term back but it was certainly the catalyst for his travel bug. 'Do you want to look at my photos of the Cook Islands?', one of the many destinations John visited during his gap year, proved to be a great chat-up line at university helping to ensnare his future wife. With more than 20 years' experience in travel publishing, John's ambition is to develop the Journeys brand and to travel the world writing features for the magazine – as long as his editor doesn't mind correcting his prose. Contact John at


Sue Bryant, editor

Sue has worked as a writer, editor and broadcaster since 1991, specialising in travel and picking up numerous awards along the way. Prior to this, she did a summer season as a holiday rep in the Ardeche, backpacked across Africa, lived on a beach in Thailand, wrote holiday brochures for dodgy tour operators and organised corporate events all over the world. Her journalism career has involved editing glossy magazines for hotels, cruise lines and other brands in the luxury travel sector, as well as writing more than 20 guidebooks. Journeys is her one true love but she also contributes regularly to The Daily Telegraph, The Times and BBC Radio. Contact her at


Robert Abrahams, sales and marketing director

Robert Abrahams, like many of his New Zealand compatriots, is a passionate traveller and has been lucky enough to have been able to combine this passion with a 25 year career in the tourism industry with an eclectic variety of jobs from tour bus driving in New Zealand to tourism development on the London canals. He now enjoys being part of the publishing team of the world's top experiential travel magazine. Contact him at


Anne Metcalfe, design

Anne is a freelance graphic designer and has worked in publishing for many years. Her work has taken her from photoshoots for glossy women's magazines, to books for the Guardian newspaper and even the occasional album cover in the old days. She has been involved in several new magazine launches (some award-winning - hooray!), but none quite as transporting as Journeys, with each issue providing beautiful photography and inspirational features to work with. Contact her at


Larry Dillon, business development

Larry spent most of his career sailing the seven seas... Dream on! When in fact he's held various senior positions within the tourism sector and airline industry. His understanding of the tourism business extends across marketing, sales, promotions and PR, with special expertise in media planning, consumer direct marketing and strategic planning. Larry played an instrumental role in establishing the travel industry marketing, PR, communication structure for the founding members of the Star Alliance Airline Network. This was followed by the further creative planning and implementation of a wide-range of media promotional campaigns, marketing events and PR activities, for both consumer and trade audiences. Now after extensive Publishing, Marketing and PR experience, Larry brings his expertise to help developing the 'Journeys' brand.



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